June 17, 2015


MAGIC KINGDOM! Our favorite park, for sure. 

Breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and his friends was the best way we could have started our day. It got us into the park before it officially opened for the day and gave us great views of Cinderella's Castle. Which is basically what everyone thinks of when they think of Disney, right?

Then, we went for some iconic rides where we could all have fun - Prince Charming's castle (where Cinderella's step-mom and step-sisters hopped on too), Dumbo and the spinning tea cups.

We met some princesses! They way they stay in character was kind of amazing. Cinderella was the sweetest with Lia and Ariel commented on how she wore "seaweed straps" instead of glass slippers!

Lia rode a few tiny roller coasters that she absolutely did not like. Though, she loved meeting characters (something I worried about!) and laughed through the entire spinning tea cups ride. Nico's favorite was It's a Small World and meeting Winnie the Pooh but he was not a huge fan of the Mickey Philharmonic show - a few too many loud bursts. 

And the rest of our day.... tomorrow!

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