June 22, 2015


Summer is here! It's getting really hot out and most days the idea of spending a few hours outside seems unbearable. I try to keep the kids happy and cool with air conditioning and Popsicles for the big one but they get a little stir-crazy when it's summer and they are stuck inside.

So, I looked through my pinterest board, saw this and was inspired to create one!

You'll need :
A box or a tray. We had one leftover from some Melissa and Doug play food.
Beans or rice. I picked up a cheap bag of lentils.
And some small toys.

Just fill your box with beans, add a few toys and let your kids have fun!

L loves the dinosaur box. I picked up a bag of the dinos & trees for a dollar at Target. The trucks are great for scooping and dumping when you can't get to the park. And, possibly my favorite - a word game! We used tiles from this game to hide letters from a list of words that we can find.

I think we'll store our beans in a ziploc bag and pull the tray out on those days we need a little something extra!

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