June 27, 2015


Watching... The Good Wife. M and I have been catching up on episodes on the sofa every night after the kids are tucked in bed. I have mixed emotions about this season but I'm still pretty excited for new episodes this Fall.

Spending lots of time... in the pediatrician's office. Sick visits, well visits, shot visits. And a few phone calls for good measure. 

Pinning... this marinade (for a great grilled chicken breast) and this emerald wall.

Dreaming... of writing a children's book.

Missing... our girl while she spends part of her summer at her grandparents.

But, taking advantage of the extra time by... cleaning. Summer has not been kind to our house. The messier our house, the messier my mind.

Reading... MWF Seeking BFF.

Working through... a hard parenting week.

Loving... the sunshine.

Not so crazy... about the heat!

Excited for... this ring sling to ship.

Feeling... happily exhausted.

Please feel free to link up any of your "currently" posts in the comments, xo!

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