May 4, 2015


I'll admit that when I was pregnant with Nico, I had doubts here and there about being a boy mama. I'd spent the last five years with L being a girl mama and that was something I knew. Then, everyone I knew that had boys always told me how they wanted a girl for a plethora of reasons. I was convinced he was going to be a girl and when the ultrasound tech said "it's a boy!", I started crying tears of joy because I was getting what I forgot I had so badly wanted the first time. I also thought Lia was going to be a boy - I am horrible at guessing gender. 

Then he was born. And my mama heart grew to hold enough love for both of my kids. And then it hit me one day - I love both of my kids more than they can ever imagine (at least until they have their own kids) but I love each of them differently. Being a boy mama makes my heart happy. He's the sweetest and the cutest and he makes me fall in love more and more everyday.

Both of my kids do. Lia is amazing right now, despite her sass some days. Five year old's are pretty awesome. So really, I think I'm just trying to say being a boy mama is more than I could ever imagine and those pregnancy doubts be damned - I am loving it.

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