May 29, 2015


So, our days were full of laundry and dishes and cleaning up poop. I mean, I got pooped on this week which just re-confirmed just how awesome I knew my life was. It's good stuff, you guys. But, I realized I didn't document any of that. Maybe it's because catching my girl watch the trash trucks or baby thighs just look better. Or maybe because I literally have anxiety over our Disney trip (because, that's totally normal) and the "other" stuff was just done to get done and I never considered it part of life the past few days.

Which I get sounds crazy, probably. But it's our first week of Summer and my mind is on a mad dash to prep for vacation.

Other mentionables this week:
I got pooped on. Literally. But I said that, right?
We escaped to the beach a couple nights ago for a little magic.
Nico is brushing up on his Houdini skills and the Bumbo has nothing on him.
There was the 5-day weekend bliss.
And, L ordered new glasses!

Here's to the weekend!

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