May 15, 2015


So my sister spent this week with us while M's been out of town for business. And somehow the week flew by but still left me feeling drained from a long week.

There was lots of sunshine and walks around the neighborhood and ice cream stops and a trip to the beach and a little shopping. Lia pretty much made her play the entire time.

Our girl made the newspaper when she went to a fancy tea party at a local book store. And, I came pretty close to crying when she brought home her school journal this week with countless drawings. Her sweet teacher dated each one and jotted down whatever it was L had said she drew. Pictures of friends, our family, rainbows and tornados and planets, a space alien and a black sunshine. It's the best, really.

Little man is becoming himself again. Besides being a drool monster who can't stop eating his hands, he's sleeping around 10 hours a night and catching a nap here and there in his crib.

A bright and happy week around here!

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