May 3, 2015


Funny story about this week... Nico went crazy. His usual happiness was traded in for blood curdling screams and his easy bedtime routine now takes 20-30 minutes and involves playing Hey Jude over and over while he clutches our hand or a stuffed taxi cab. I mean, kid. I really wanted another one of you but this week has made me rethink that once or twice.

But, we went to the pool for a couple hours and he was amazing. And I was all like, I could have ten of you. Or maybe just one more, you know.

Other highlights of this week were...

Take-out BBQ at the Farmer's Market.
Watching my two babes hang out together.
A hammock big enough for two.
Squishy green grass and cool breezes.
Finishing the bathroom project.
Coloring with my girl.
And a sweet husband who goes on Dr. Pepper runs.

I'm tired. So, here's to next week!

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