May 5, 2015


Happy Cinco de Mayo! We've got big plans of stuffing our faces with tostadas tonight. And there may be a margarita or two involved. I mean, we must celebrate, right? As for the rest of May...

I'm looking forward to...

Reviving our always unfinished tradition of spending a quiet weeknight at the beach every week, until Summer ends. We usually do it less than one month..
L graduating preschool. Though to be honest, I'm also not looking forward to that.
Celebrating Mother's Day with TWO bambinos.
More lazy evenings in the hammock.
The start of summer break!
Mayfest. Hello, BBQ.
And being married to my guy for eight years.

I get the feeling this month isn't going to stick around for long!

Here's to it all, xo..

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