April 22, 2015


 Three months...

Has me obsessed with babywearing.
Is a wiggle worm and likes to scoot backwards when he's on his back.
Million dollar smile, guys.
Holding things tight is his comfort jam. Security blankets, a toy, a chunk of mama's hair...
And the way he holds my chest balled up in his fist when we snuggle. I'm a puddle.
Has a bad habit of scratching up his face many nights.
Says good morning with that grin of his.
Wears 0-3 clothing and size 1 diapers, still.
Weighs between 10 and 11 lbs!
Is laughing these days.
Especially when getting dressed.
Obsessed with his daddy.
Always sucking on his fingers.
Babbles. Alot.
Was sleeping through the night for awhile. And then he wasn't.
But the swaddling is still going strong.
Not a fan of tummy time anymore. But likes hanging out under his play gym.
Is squishy and happy and smells like milk.

He's pretty much the best. 

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