April 17, 2015


It's been such a quiet week with our girl at her grandparents house. Turns out that five year olds can really fill up a house with noise and chatter. Babies - not so much.

There was lots of Netflix and organizing photos on the computer. I'm now impatiently waiting for season three of Orange Is the New Black. Doing a puzzle with my guy! It sounds like such a retro hobby but as it turns out, doing puzzles is one of the only things that turns my brain off at night. In a perfect world, we'd always have time to sit at the table and do a puzzle together but honestly, most nights that we aren't doing house stuff or tucking the kids into bed late we just crash in front of the TV.

We painted the bathroom black! It's bold. And a little dark in there. It's done for now until we figure out when and how to put up subway tile. You have to love Pinterest inspiration. 

And I managed to get the house clean and the laundry mountain tackled.

I'm excited for the weekend though. We're spending the day in Charleston before we get our girl back. I've walked past her room countless times this week between cleaning up and putting away laundry and getting Nico down for naps. It's never this clean or quiet in there and it just feels weird.  We can't wait to get her back home tomorrow!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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