April 14, 2015


We've almost hit the 3 month mark with our little guy so I thought I'd share the tried and true products that worked for us the past few months! There's a five year gap between our kids and when we started making our registry this time around we thought it was so crazy how many new products were available to us.

I wanted to keep things simple though and only buy what would really work for us. Still, just this week I cleaned out N's closet and made a pile of things we never used to donate/sell. And what's on this list are the items we've used everyday, in no particular order.

1 | The Lily Jade Anna diaper bag. This beauty is amazing! The (removeable & washable!) baby bag inside keeps everything together and organized while the crossbody strap keeps my arms free to keep up with two kiddos. And I love how it doesn't scream "generic diaper bag over here!".

2 | This thing is pricey and has it's moments. But I include it because we have honestly been using it since the first week we brought Nico home. It isn't perfect but we got it for a pretty good deal and it makes mixing a bottle a snap. Sure, we can hand mix them and sometimes we do and N is pretty chill about the temperature of his bottle (he's more concerned with whats inside) but it takes seconds to give you the perfect temperature bottle in the size you choose with the touch of one button. Makes those midnight feedings a little easier on tired mamas and papas! Not a necessity but a nice addition.

3 | The Fisher Price rock 'n play is where N slept for his first three weeks. It folds easily and is lightweight enough to carry up and down the stairs. I'm pretty sure the shape made him feel safe and cozy. He technically still fits in it but since we transitioned him to the crib it hasn't seen much use. Still, it's completely worth it for the first month or so! Our version had a soothing vibration mode which we used but I think you could go without it too.

4 | We're fans of Boon around here and when we were reminded how many bottles a babe goes through a day we upgraded our grass to the lawn and we LOVE it! It's a must in our house. We use a couple twigs on top to keep the smaller parts together.

5 | MAM pacis were a favorite with L and when Nico didn't take well to the big green hospital paci we switched to MAM newborns and the mini air and he's been a fan.

6 | Another Boon favorite! The Naked tub keeps N pretty in place (he's a bath time wiggle worm though) while I scrub him clean and then hangs easily on the back of the door to dry off and collapses to slide onto a closet shelf. It's not the easiest to collapse but that's my only complaint!

7 | Honest baby body wash and shampoo. It bubbles up easily and smells like an orange creamsicle! We love the bubble bath too.

8 | The Happy Baby Wrap would probably be number one on my list if I had to choose. It's so soft that N feels like he's just wrapped up in a blanket but my hands stay free to push Lia on the swings or make a quick lunch. It rolls up easily into a small bag you can toss in the car or diaper bag. Ours goes with us anytime we leave the house. It takes a few tries to get it tied right but once you know how it works for you it literally takes a minute to put on. Nico, without a doubt, will fall asleep every time he goes in. And it's a lifesaver when he's having a (rare...) but cranky moment.

9 | I never jumped on the Aden and Anais bandwagon with L but this time around I stocked up and I am so glad I did. They are N's favorite blankets and the only ones we use. We still swaddle him at night and use them to throw over the stroller on a walk or to toss down for diaper changes on the go and sometimes they even get pulled out to wipe up unexpected spit-up messes. N finds them so comforting we just purchased this security blanket and I can't wait to try it out.

And not on the list but equal favorites...

This Motorola digital baby monitor. Keeps this mama comforted that I can see him even when he's sleeping on the other side of the house.

The Beatles music. Specifically, Hey Jude. I started singing it to N when he was teeny tiny and it stuck. Calms him right down!

Any other mamas out there love these products too?

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