April 5, 2015


It's late. And by late, I mean after 8 PM. Because we are parents of two now which means even more sleepless nights than before. Also, we have a dog that likes to vomit in the middle of the night just in case we weren't already awake.

We celebrated Easter today like the best of them. I tried to keep it simple and focus on having fun together. I may have gotten a little uptight about getting just the right photo of L in her sweet dress and then gave up with an exasperated sigh. But really, it was a good day together. The little guy slept the day away and then decided he wanted a little extra attention in the evening leaving me confined to the sofa with a snuggly babe. Our girl had fun dyeing eggs and digging through the treasures in the baskets. She commandeered N's new submarine for herself until he's older!

We attempted a family shot all day and the one above is the best we got. I still love it. We went on a family walk and busted a few moves with Just Dance. L hopped all over the yard to find her eggs and (mostly) baked the cupcakes by herself. She's learning to crack eggs on her own and sometimes it's messy but mostly it's pretty entertaining.

All in all, there were way less tantrums than last year and I got to sneak a few peanut butter eggs for myself.

Happy Easter, friends!

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