April 9, 2015


Around here our days are a blur of babywearing, cleaning up messes and playing together.

Around here we've been celebrating lots!

Around here we're planning a trip to Disney World! I can't stop looking for new blogs or websites with lots of tips to jot down.

Around here we're venturing out more - to the park, storytime, the farmers market and grocery store. Anything to break up our long days.

Around here Lia is learning to crack eggs and is always around to lend a hand with mixing things up!

Around here are baby giggles and jokes from a 5 year old.

Around here there is a mama who's trying to write everything down to stay organized and has figured out that working on a large puzzle helps me unwind and turn my brain off.

Around here everyone is happy and tired and normal yet slightly crazy and we're all well.

PS. This post was basically a brain and photo dump while I work out a post schedule so thanks for sticking around!

1 comment:

  1. that birthday card. perfection! the sweetest. baby boy is getting so big and so, so cute! just noticed you have an instagram-- would love to follow along there, as these days it's been my number one sharing/documenting source. just read a blog post on disney tips: something devine. happy planning! xx


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