March 12, 2015


Two months...

He still loves to eat, sleep and poop.
Smiles are honest to goodness real ones these days.
Hanging out in 0-3 month clothing with a few newborn holdouts.
Is growing that belly. And those cheeks? Swoon!
Still a fan of babywearing.
Focuses on toys hanging in front of him.
Dealing with cradle cap.
Does this crazy bobble head move and inadvertently headbutts us constantly.
In love with his swing.
He's a drool machine some days.
Always grabbing at something. Usually my hair (ouch!).
Sleeps in his crib.
And can do 5-6 hour stretches at night.
Spends a lot of time in Target, guys.
Still adores his big sister.
Has mixed feelings on bathtime.
But he loves hanging out on his tummy.

This one's charming I tell you.

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