March 23, 2015


It's a gray Monday and we're looking down the tunnel of a very long week ahead. M will miss out on family dinners around four times. He's working six days this week, in class two nights and has a long errand another night.

The babe had his two month check up today, he got three shots and has mostly refused to nap today. I'm attempting to cook up some rice and beans for a dinner I can only pray my girl eats. And the battle between the dog and the squirrels on a daily basis is making me slightly batty.

But, some laundry was tackled and I found a few quiet moments to sit and talk with L over Barbies and both kids were angels at the pediatrician. Some days I find myself repeating in my head "it's okay, this is the season of life you're in now" when I see people tackling goals or making plans and going on date nights and eating dinner with both hands or getting a good night of sleep. This is our season and we're just going to love it to pieces because it won't last. Nothing ever does - the good or the bad.

So, here's to this very long week and prayers of sanity and chocolate.


  1. Totally needed to read that. "This is our season" I love that. Thank you for your post today!

    1. Gah! I am so late on this comment. I'm sorry! It's so true though, right? This season of ours. As crazy and tiring as it is, I wouldn't trade it for anything :)


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