March 18, 2015


Harses, Harses, Harses. Because Meg Ryan is the best. Do you want to watch Sleepless in Seattle now too?

So, the Clydesdale horses came to our little town last weekend and we bundled the kids up and headed to the promenade to see them. M's new schedule gives him every other Friday off so lucky for us we got some extra time with him!

It was a rainy, gray day but somehow we timed it all magically and got there right before the horses paraded by and we had front row spots. Like, reach out and touch the horses close. But we didn't. Because they are huge.

Lia was thrilled and not the least bit scared. I thought she would be nervous. Nico had no opinion on the big guys.

And then we went home for bean dip and tostadas. Because what else could have topped this off?

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