March 6, 2015


I basically stare at cute faces all day, every day. Also, I wear babies and messy buns. I make lots of sandwiches and attempt to put dinners together. I joined a book club! And mostly we talk about girl stuff and being mamas but it's fun and guarantees me a few hours once a month off kiddo duty.

The laundry is a mountain again. Because isn't that riveting stuff to read about? And, we hung up some frames and remixed the gallery wall a bit. It helped with my itch to do some sort of home project. Although, I'm really dreaming of a craft wall like this one and a black bathroom.

Nicolas is sleeping in his crib! Somehow it just happened without any hard work. It was really all Manny's doing. Lia is eating tacos. And chili. And bell peppers if they are chopped teeny tiny and mixed in with big bites of other food. Which makes dinner time slightly less hair-pulling. Oh, and she's signed up for kindergarten. Cue all the sad, ugly tears from me. I'm still wondering how we got there so fast.

This two kid thing feels natural now. At least as natural as it can when some days I think I'm going crazy and can't possibly be doing a good job at this. Although the smiles mean I must be doing something right.

But really, everything is okay! And since both kids are napping at the same time, which is a rarity, I'm off to fold laundry and catch up on Scandal.

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