February 7, 2015


With two kids now, our week is pretty different. Staying home sounds easier and much safer to my sanity these days. But, I'm so excited for the new few months, when little man is not so little and the weather warms up and we can get back to our usual adventures at the farmers market and our favorite park.

This week....

Lia's learning how to write her last name at school. She flips her letters around and it's pretty cute.
She still holds the title of worlds best big sister!
This morning, she woke me up to tell me the new Wallykazam was on TV and her voice reached a new squeaky level on the excitement chart.
She tells me she can't believe we have a baby in the house (in a very happy way). My heart pretty much stays melted in a puddle on the floor most days.
She's been walking around the past few weeks with a mini lipstick and asks anyone around her if they need any and then gives them full instructions on how to apply it.
She won't let us take her tiny Christmas tree down.
Put on pajamas all by herself last night!
And has outgrown almost every piece of clothing she owns. And her beloved Saltwaters that were so good to us the past two years.

Nicolas turned four weeks old! We celebrated with a fun little photo shoot.
He was a  much easier baby this week than his third week. He's back to eating, pooping and sleeping with very minimal fuss!
He's eating around 3 oz every 3-4 hours and only making us wake once or (occasionally) twice to feed in the night.
Slept for a few hours in his crib last night!
But, he's still not a huge fan of it.
Gave his sister a smile yesterday morning. (Gas or not, we don't care!)

Other highlights of our week...
Nailing down this two kid thing. Some days we're pretty seamless at who tackles who and what.
Family dinner at Outback.
Catching up on Blacklist with M. 
Getting a Happy baby wrap in the mail yesterday. Though, I'm still deciding on it!
Did a little Spring cleaning in the kiddo's closets.

Here's to the weekend, xo!

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