February 2, 2015


It was a slow morning full of wind and rain and my two babes who were quite happy to see the sun come out eventually. The littlest one, I think, is going through a growth spurt and his usual bottles weren't filling him up. The biggest one wants to play all the time. And talk about the things she wants to do but can't today - like go outside or have a play date.

Lots of toys were strewn about the floors and tables. Laundry was folded. Diapers were changed. Dishes were washed. Mama got to read a few pages of a book! We watched the garbage trucks do their jobs and then watched the wind blow the empty bins away. And now, both babes are quiet and the husband is home and there's a homemade lasagna a sweet friend dropped off warming up in the oven.

All of this on a Monday...

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