January 30, 2015


So, it took me a few times to sit down and write this. That was after I made a mental note and than an actual note to remember to write this. And then, a car ride to Chick-Fil-A to feed the girl and make the boy stop crying and finally nap so I wouldn't go insane needed to happen.

Here we are now though. Armed with a borrowed Moby wrap to maybe free up my hands, full bellies and a more patient mama with a daddy on the way home. And can I just say, motherhood in this season of life isn't really glamorous (my feet smell from my over-worn favorite oxfords and I desperately need a shower) but it's always the best thing I've ever done. I mean, I get to spend my days with two of my favorite people and not put on real clothes and go to a job.

Getting used to two kids is challenging though and we're muddling through each day until our weary heads hit the pillow for exactly 3 hours before someone wants to eat again. I did over-bake a batch of brownies this week so that counts for something. The house is actually neater than it was pre-baby (no idea how that happened) and the laundry pile isn't a mountain yet. The first two weeks were new-baby bliss and now that guests have gone and M is back to work and I'm tackling life at home with two kids, it's somehow still as blissfully new and yet not. The babe has learned how to cry and fuss and and wants to be held all the time. Lia is doing SO well with it, but that doesn't mean I don't feel guilty for giving one more attention and help than the other.

And on the other hand, I have an amazing 5 year old who is adjusting in the best way possible and a three week old who just wants to snuggle his mom all day. Life won't always be like this so as dirty and messy and hard as it feels to be in the trenches, at the same time I wouldn't trade any of it. I just have to laugh in the worst moments and take a car drive belting out Annie tunes with my girl to stay sane every now and then.

And this post has been more honest than I figured it would be, but I want to document it the way it is. These are the days I'm going to miss so deeply one day. 

Also, it's the weekend. Things are looking brighter, yes?

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