January 2, 2015


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It's the first week of the New Year! We starting it off in a good way with a clean house and a party to celebrate our girl! Fingers crossed the weather favors us and the rain stays away tomorrow so we can host a backyard movie bash for L!

38 weeks pregnant and planning a party right after the holidays is a bit boggling and while some may think it's crazy that I go through such lengths, it's all in the details I say. Handmade piƱata's, stripey straws in mason jars, popcorn served up in paper bags - I'm pretty excited even if I am exhausted!

We rang in the New Year all together on the sofa watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve. This is the first year since L was born that she fell asleep before the countdown! We woke her up just before the ball dropped but I think the effect was lost on her this time around.

It's one week until my c-section date and I'm just as much terrified as I am excited! Everything is ready for our little guy but are you ever really ready until it happens? Lia can't wait for her brother to get here and I'm pretty excited to see their relationship grow!

Things will probably be quiet around here for a bit while I prep for N's birth and we settle in as a family of four. But, I do have plans to keep writing when I can and keep up with regular monthly posts.

Here's hoping your New Year has started off as great as ours. Happy weekending, friends!

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