January 28, 2015


And for a today's edition of the currently series...

Eating... soft pretzels with spicy mustard for mama and cinnamon sugar for the big kid.

Feeling... equal parts calm and overwhelmed on this first day of being alone with two kids!

Looking forward to... the husband coming home from work.

Playing... words with friends and putting together Frozen puzzles over and over again.

Reading... articles on whether baby smiles are gas and lots of texts between the hubby and myself.

Making... lots of bottles.

Changing... lots of diapers.

Wearing... yoga pants. 

Finding... things to occupy my girl.

Swooning... at the way Lia watches her brother and rubs his head saying "I love him" all day long.

Thankful... for a cozy, clean home that I can stay in all day with these two amazing babes of mine.

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