January 7, 2015


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I know there's so many adventures in our future. I know that life as a family of four will make us incredibly happy and it'll be wilder than our dreams. I know that welcoming a new babe into our family is nothing but good madness. I really do...

But. Part of me can't help to feel like these last couple days are bittersweet. From the moment our girl entered the world, we've been a solo act. Me and her, her and me. She's my tiny little sidekick that's been with me every moment of the past five years. We've taken adventures and had fun as a family and some days she wants nothing more than her dad's attention, but the bond I share with her is incredible. So incredible in fact that I know deep in my heart that nothing will break it. Yet still, I feel sad saying goodbye to the last days we have as a solo act.

Friday morning, our son will enter our world. I'm sure my heart will grow in size to love him just as much as I love his sister. I'm sure she'll be the best big sister this world has ever seen. I'm sure he'll have his daddy wrapped around his tiny finger. We've wanted this for so long. We're still beyond grateful that we're able to add another babe to this life of ours.

But still. There's something about leaving behind a chapter of life. Of adding some new to the mix. I took some good advice earlier today and let the laundry and my to-do list stay undone and swept my girl off for an adventure. I packed a quick bag and we drove straight to my favorite sub shop on the island and then to the beach. It was cold and windy and the seagulls really wanted our sandwiches. It wasn't the most perfect outing, but sitting on a quiet beach watching my girl make sand angels was a serious kind of chicken soup for the soul. I want to tuck away a piece of today to remind me that today only lasts for one day. She's only five for one year. My kids will never be younger or older than what they are this very minute and those damn dishes can be dirty forever.

So, here's to more adventures. Here's to being spontaneous. Here's to not caring about everything that just HAS to get done and being more worried about the important things in life. It's not always easy, but man is the payoff good.

And tonight, on my next to last night of being a mama to only one little babe, my girl is sick. We've cleaned up throw-up, wiped a runny nose, ran a warm bath, spoon fed her applesauce and rubbed her little belly hoping and praying that whatever she has goes away fast. She's tucked into her warm bed and I'm missing her sweet body tucked beside me already.

Whatever the future holds and however our world changes after Friday, it's all good things.

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