January 5, 2015


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I erred on the side of caution and decided a simple backyard party would be a pretty low-key party approach. With being 38 weeks pregnant, one week away from my c-section and feeling pretty tired and sore most of the time, I just wanted to enjoy celebrating our girl on one of our last days as a family of three.

She chose the movie and I pulled everything else together. We decided this could be the first year she was allowed to invite everyone in her class along with a few extra friends and I am SO proud of how well she handled so many friends and all of the attention. She even blew out her candles on her own this year!

We served up a tray of hot dogs for the kids while they ran off some energy in the backyard before we let them hit the piñata and enjoy cake! Once it got dark enough, we turned on Frozen, passed out glowsticks and served up each kid their own paper bag of popcorn and let them choose from mini movie candies to munch on. Most kids didn't make it through the entire movie but our girl sure did have a blast while it lasted! The rain held off until the very end, so L and a few friends went inside to open all of her gifts before they said goodbye.

And each kid got to take home a mini piñata favor full of, yep, more treats!

It was such a good party and so fun to see our backyard full of people there to love on and celebrate our girl. And, I'm forever grateful to my mom and sister for surprising L with a visit because they rocked all the behind the scenes things during the party while I got to snap a few photos and sit down to chat!

It's crazy to know this makes five birthday parties down and countless to go!


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  1. How awesome is that?! You get the "mom of the year" award for such a great party! And she is 5 already, wow, time does fly by! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year xxx


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