December 5, 2014


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I think it's safe to say Christmas was the focus this week. I was pretty bummed to realize that our box of decorations was really only our favorite holiday books and ornaments. So, I declared this year a handmade holiday and with a little creativity, a lot of Pinterest and minimal cash, our house is feeling pretty festive! So festive, in fact, that I really want to remake all the decorations in colors that can stay up year round.

And it's official that every weekend is jam-packed and booked up until our little man arrives. I'm talking birthdays, parties, ballet recitals, holiday celebrations along with some major baking sessions and a morning at the local Christmas tree farm. We're kicking it off this weekend with the town tree lighting, the parade and best of all - a surprise trip to see The Nutcracker Ballet! Our little ballerina will be in love, for sure.

Speaking of our little ballerina, her own performance of The Nutcracker is coming up and I'm finding it hard to believe that she'll be five in a few weeks. She's a kid now, with Barbies strung about her room and her eyes feasted on THE very large, very plastic Barbie Dreamhouse. With an elevator, mom! While I LOVE whatever age and stage she's in, I do miss the baby days...

Which is good since our little guy will be here in about five weeks! All is well, even if my OB prefer I actually gained weight this pregnancy (but she's really OK as long as he is!). I haven't and I doubt 10 lbs will just creep on by January. But, maybe if I eat enough Christmas cookies... We've got one more ultrasound scheduled in two weeks and then it's weekly appointments until his birthday. And I've very curious to see if he likes uncomfortable positions outside of the womb as much as he likes 'em in there.

December feels like a whirlwind already and we're only five days in. But tonight after a little town outing, it's home for Home Alone and yep, pizza. "Ah, a lovely cheese pizza, just for me". I can't watch the movie without eating pizza...

Happy Friday!

PS. You can find your own version of our advent calendar here.

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