December 1, 2014


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This post could also be called the biggest photo dump, welcome Christmas!, or here's our entire weekend away in mostly blurry iPhone shots!

Any way you call it, I'm back and here to share our holiday weekend. We spent Thanksgiving with my family in North Carolina. We got back last night and Lia will randomly say to us "I miss grandma..." Tis the life of living in a different state, kiddo.

We stuffed ourselves with turkey and ham and the usual sides. Our girl does not kid around with mama's homemade mashed potatoes. And at some point in the evening, everyone went their separate ways to visit other families or go shopping or (in our case!) hit up the local theater for what will probably be our last date night before our little guy arrives.

I slept in on Friday with my girl while M did some shopping with my mom and sister. Then we all went downtown for Santa's arrival that night. It was cold but L was the happiest I have ever seen her twirling in the fake snow. She was even brave enough to ask Santa for the Barbie Dream House and pacis for her brother.

Saturday's big event was the sweetest (and magical!) Christmas light show hayride around a country farm. The hour wait did not disappoint and everyone loved it. And again, fake snow you guys! We snacked on homemade fudge & cookies while L made sand art and hung out on a tractor.

And in between, L played with every teeny tiny Polly Pocket I used to play with, snuggled her baby cousin and waved to everyone leaving the house from the porch like her very own parade. There were a lot of laughs and dinner out as a family. I hit the 33 weeks mark with Nicolas. There were no ear infections (like last year) or ER trips (like last month). It was a good weekend.

We got home last night, unpacked in a clean house and got the news that there's a tiny new babe in our family! M's sister gave birth to her fourth and now we have a sweet new babe to love on that we can't wait to meet.

And after all that, Christmas is officially here and we're ready to do this thing!

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  1. 33 weeks! I feel like your pregnancy has flown by! Glad you and your family had a good Thanksgiving! I'm jealous Lia got to play with polly pocket, I used to be obsessed!


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