December 10, 2014


I love my husband. And he loves me. But I'm pretty sure that taking me to the Christmas tree farm sounds really good until we get there! I'm really picky, even though I'm never looking for the biggest, most perfect tree. I'm just looking for our perfect tree. It's best we set out a good two hours for this little shin-dig though.

I think we were there around an hour yesterday, debating tree sizes and prices and which ones had too many holes. Then we had to start all over after a bathroom break. But, we did settle on one I was eyeing. Funny enough, it looks completely different (ie kind of bare and holey) in our living room than it did in the field. We were together as a family though and the fact that we're blessed enough to go out and buy a tree means our tree is perfect, regardless.

Also, we were blessed with a cold, gray day that felt like December! Because last year's shorts and tee weather made me want to cry...

Now the tree is up and decorated. Twinkly lights brighten up the living room and L keeps asking when she can open presents because it's already Christmas morning!

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  1. You look gorgeous and your tree is beautiful! Such a cute family of yours!


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