November 6, 2014


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November is my favorite month. It always has been. And I've always been the gal you can count on to ban all things Christmas from our house until the day after Thanksgiving when all bets are off.

I don't know if it's knowing this babe is almost here or if I'm trying to soak up every last ounce of holiday goodness before it turns into last minute things jammed into every spare minute because we're always so busy but I have to admit, I've already turned on the Christmas tunes, bought L her Christmas eve pajamas and I ask her everyday what she wants under the tree.

But, in an effort to also soak up every last ounce of Fall since the South is finally turning cold and there's crunchy leaves in the yard, here we go.

Am looking forward to...

The Turkey Coma. It's a thing and it's a good one.
A road trip back home to see my family!
Hot chocolate in the largest mug we have.
Adding some details to little man's room.
Finding time for the stack of books I just pulled from the library.
A movie date with my love to see the latest Hunger Games film.
Early party planning for L's movie-themed birthday party.
Cleaning out rooms and selling our clutter.
Twinkling lights decorating the town.
A pile of big, crunchy leaves.
Cozy nights with yummy candles burning.

Here's to you, November.

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