November 14, 2014


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Hello Friday! The beginning of the weekend is always cause for celebration around here. And we've had a full week of re-planting old plants and buying new ones for the front yard, prepping for a yard sale and the usual school, work, ballet routine. 

The house has gotten a little messy this week. And, that's putting it nicely. It's becoming very real that a new little babe is going to be living here soon and the urge to purge is going on, while the motivation and energy behind it isn't! 

His room is mostly ready minus a few little details and a lack of baby essentials. Diapers for Christmas, anyone? Some days, L and I like to go sit in his room and just hang out. It's the sunniest room in the house and the most peaceful at the moment. And L loves playing with his books and toys! 

As for L, she's a handful lately! Extra sweet and loving one minute, slightly crazy the next. I can't believe she'll be five soon! It's her favorite time of the year and her enthusiasm for all things birthday/Christmas/new brother is on point. She's doing great in school and working hard for her upcoming ballet recital. And lately, we've been making it to the local farmers market and park to meet up with friends! 

I haven't picked up the camera since Halloween and iPhone snapshots haven't been that often either but life is moving fast. It feels like Fall and most days I have the excuse to wrap a scarf around my neck and enjoy the crunchy leaves covering our front yard. The year is winding down, but in a way it feels like thing are just starting! 

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