October 24, 2014


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Making it through this week feels like a victory around here. Parenting was hard and ugly. And happy, beautiful moments did exist and I am clinging to them with everything I have, overall it was just a hard week.

Aside from meltdowns and tantrums everyday and ruining my two favorite (and almost only) maternity shirts in the wash and sinking to an all-time parenting low, this week was good for some things.

Late last night, okay... 8 PM is now "late" to me, M got home from school and handed me a heavy box the postman had just dropped off that was full of apples and cider donuts from our favorite orchard in New York. You guys, I almost cried. It was the sweetest gesture after the day I had. Also, it thrills me to see that logo sitting in our kitchen.

Little man has a few more clothes to his name, but it's funny to me that his stack is nowhere near what L's was when I was pregnant with her. This time around, I've taken a different approach to "baby stuff" and I find myself critiquing almost every purchase. I tell myself he'll have what he needs when he gets here, I'm just choosing only what I really want to bring into our home for him.

On that note, his room actually looks like a room now. We've had a little setback with the rocking chair but the other furniture is up and it's almost time for me to go in and pull it all together.

Lia has been a tiny artist this week. She'll draw a picture, find the scotch tape and hang it on a wall somewhere!

And, we're getting ready for Halloween! I finished L's costume this week and I'm planning on making a couple pennants for M and I to carry around as fans of her. I thought Halloween was much further away than next weekend though!

So, here's to a fun weekend full of pumpkin patches and early trick-or-treating!

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