October 20, 2014


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The story that goes with these goes something like this...

While we were at the pumpkin patch during our surprise visit to North Carolina, my sister was going to take a few family photos of us. Lia was in a very good mood so I tried to snap a few photos of her alone when we were done. And somehow, my nephew started telling her to do silly things and make poses and L just ate it all up and did anything he wanted to keep everyone laughing!

The only things that cooperated with me were the pumpkins. So, most of the photos came out blurry with bad lighting. I edited these to make most of them just okay but I couldn't help posting them! These photos show my girl being who she is at her core. She has the best personality and when she's happy, she's happy!

Also, the story can just go like this... Our girl is a ham.

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  1. These are so cute! The first one is my favorite. It's like she can't decide which pumpkin to choose =)


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