October 15, 2014


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I think we redeemed ourselves after that failed apple orchard attempt with this one.

My family volunteers to run the Donate Life booth at my hometowns annual Mum Fest. My niece was both an organ recipient and organ donor and we love spreading the message and keeping her memory alive. I haven't been able to attend in a few years and we didn't really have plans to make it this year. We actually had solid plans to paint Nicolas' room and get his furniture put together. And while M spent Saturday morning painting while I supervised from my pile of pillows in the floor and Lia played, we randomly decided to pack a bag and drive the almost six hour drive to surprise my family!

Which turned out to be the best surprise ever! It seems our craziest decisions are usually our best and I'd pay money to see the look on my sisters face when we knocked on the window of the restaurant they were eating in. It was seriously the best. And of course that led to both of my sisters screaming and running out of the restaurant around seven at night. We managed to track them down without them having any idea we would be in town!

And then, we basically had the best weekend. We spent Sunday at the festival hanging out at the booth, walking around, snuggling my newest nephew and eating more cotton candy and funnel cakes than one pregnant girl needs. We got a little taste of how things will look when we're parents of two and we can't wait to have our little guy here with us. Our girl won (all on her own, we were told) a stuffed pig and a real goldfish which she later named Brio. I'm not sure how he survived being carried around by a four year old but I guess he's a true carnival fish? And we picked out our family pumpkin from a fun and slightly creepy pumpkin patch that actually used very old headstones to hold smaller pumpkins and gourds!

Lia even had so much fun that she stayed behind for the rest of the week! And we left the fish too.

M and I drove back home Monday afternoon after I landed myself in the ER (more on that later...). We grabbed dinner from one of our favorite mexican restaurants and spent the rest of the night in bed watching Bill Hader on SNL. Things are good! And here's to getting some rest and a clean house this week.

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