October 13, 2014


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Oops. Again, I am late in posting this. And I already have anxiety over the lack of Halloween-ness we've got going on!

But, since Fall is my jam and October is the sweetest spot mid Fall, here goes.

Am looking forward to...

Our yearly trip to Cahills. We've been scouting this for a week or two, just checking on the progress of their hay bale tower!
Carving a pumpkin with our girl.
And making her costume for the fifth year!
All the apple treats. Apple pie, cider donuts, caramel apples...
Drinking my first hot chocolate of the season.
Painting Nicolas' room.
A little Halloween party I'm hosting for L and her friends.
Our town's annual arts and seafood festival.
Decorating our porch.
And watching Halloween movies with L.

Here's to October, xo! May the cooler weather come and stay.

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