October 31, 2014


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It's Halloween! I'm trying to forget about how sick I feel and focus on the fact that it's a holiday today!

My girl is more excited for her Halloween party tomorrow than trick-or-treating it seems, but I'm sure that will change tonight when she's loaded up with candy that may or may not get eaten by her parents! Currently, she's happy as a clam watching Pippi Longstocking (exactly how we spent last Halloween morning) and waiting on her cinnamon rolls. The weather outside is finally cooling off again and I can't wait for the chance to wrap a scarf around my neck and bundle my girl up.

I think we'll keep today simple and bake some cookies between cleaning up and decorating for our party before heading out tonight for the main event. Lia will be rocking her cheerleader costume again and M and I have some pennants to carry around to "cheer her on"!

This adorable ice cream costume is what she wore to her school party this week. She was pretty bummed to find out no costume accessories were allowed which knocked out her pom-poms and apparently you can't be a cheerleader without pom-poms. So, she dug this out of her dress-up box and we were all happy!

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