October 27, 2014


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There's so many smart and funny and good things on the Internet. Here's just a few!

This is the best dance move.

A few different ways to decorate your pumpkin this year - one | two | three.

I am loving this fun pineapple trend - one | two | three.

Eww, Jimmy Fallon. 

This hit me hard. Too often I find myself swept up in completing tasks or just moving until the day ends without stopping to see what's really going on and who really matters in my day.

Currently fueling my love of black & white by looking at this.

These emoji cookies are spot on and hilarious!

Loving this handmade combo.

Probably my favorite homemade kid costumes that I've seen online this season!

The Book with No Pictures seems like the craziest kids book but that doesn't stop me from wanting it on our shelves!

Have fun with these!

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