September 11, 2014


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"It doesn't seem like so many years ago that tragedy struck the US. With every anniversary that has passed, I can feel myself back in high school watching the attacks again. And then I am reminded how much has happened since then. I am reminded how lucky I am that my husband made it away from that terrible scene safely and went on to serve his country many years and made it through his Marine Corp career safely and how lucky we are to be settled in a good place with our daughter and our growing son. My heart, to this day, still breaks for the brave heroes who fought that day, who worked hard to save others that day, for the people who bounded together as true Americans to help our country in need and all the lost loved ones and their families. I realized a few days ago that there is a whole generation of kids that don't know exactly how this day impacted our country. How it impacted our lives. Lia certainly doesn't. And while I'm not sure exactly what words to use, I want her to know about this day, one day. So, while we all go about our day to day lives today and our normal routines, don't forget to remember and share your story. Thank a hero. Remember this day and respect it."

The One World Trade Center is pictured above. On our most recent trip to New York, we were able to see it up close and understand just how massive it is and everything it represents. I pulled the words above from my own Facebook status earlier today. This day hit me hard all those years ago and little did I know how much closer this day and these stories would be to me after I met M. 

And this morning, while L was watching Sesame Street and I was scrolling through Facebook, both of us trying to wake up after a long night, she noticed a picture of the towers and all the smoke coming from them and she asked me about the picture. It was such a simple question to her but such a loaded one to me. I want her to know about this day and the impact it had on her family and her country. Her dad was only a block or two away when the attacks happened. He has a personal story so closely linked to this tragic day. I want her to understand that and to know that this day was real and the effects of it are still on-going. So, in the simplest way I could think of this morning, I explained that some bad people did something very bad in the city we love. She understands bad people and good people. She understands cops and firefighters help us with the bad people. But, there is no way she could understand this. I could see the confusion in her face. I could tell what I said worried her. So, then I explained that many brave and good people were heroes that day when they stepped in and helped everyone they could. I wish I had a better way to explain. I wish I didn't have to, that this tragic event never happened. But it did, and the best way to honor the people that are lost and loved and still suffering is to remember this day. To respect this day. 

So, that's what we'll do. And, I think we'll make happy memories today and keep living and moving forward. Because that's important to.

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