September 2, 2014


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It's a BOY and we're thrilled! And to be honest, we're still in shock over the sweet news. Lia was convinced the baby was going to be a sister for her and so we all found ourselves calling the babe a "her", pulling out L's old clothes and picking the perfect girl name.

But, we seriously could not be any happier! We've had a boy name picked out for years since we were convinced L was going to be a boy and we added the sweetest little middle name to it. We spent the weekend picking up a few things for our little guy and listening to L say his name.

Nicolas Finn, we are the happiest little family and we can't wait to meet you!

PS. I made the pinata myself! I was surprised at how tiny, generic and not so cheap the ones in stores are. It's time consuming but pretty easy - here are the two tutorials I worked from (one and two). And we filled it with some blue-wrapped Hershey kisses and homemade party streamer confetti!

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  1. Congratulations!
    you did awesome on the pinata by the way! :D


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