September 10, 2014


I always secretly love when other bloggers post about their favorite products or "whats in their bag", call it being nosy if you will. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite products we use around here!

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And looking at these, most of them are great for our summer-time living. I think I may have to make another seasonal favorites list soon!

Bare Minerals powder foundation. I started using this a few years ago after I received it in a sweet Mothers Day gift from M and I still keep it stocked in my make-up bag.

Saltwater sandals. L's black pair has been one of her go-to shoes for well over a year. Comfortable for tiny feet and they LAST. Also, the color choices are so much fun!

Tresemme dry shampoo. I've been through a few different kinds of dry shampoo and they've all left my hair feeling pretty gross. This one, though, is a lifesaver for days at the beach or a quick fresh-up between washes.

EOS lip balm. I'll admit that when I first saw my sister-in-law obsessing over these I thought she was a little crazy. The odd shape caught me off guard. And while it does take up a little more space than a tiny chap-stick, it's a pretty fun lip balm that keeps my lips looking and feeling great!

Baby powder. Any brand works for us, we honestly just grab whatever is cheapest. It works like magic to get sand off hands and feet at the beach and freshens up your day (or two!) old hair between washes. It's a must-have in our house.

Kid Made Modern art supplies. I love a well made and designed kid product. Our arts cabinet is full of their watercolor paper, crayons and washi tape!

Go Go Squeeze apple sauce. Let's just say it's a sad day when our pantry isn't stocked full of these! L's favorites are the apple-strawberry and apple-grape flavors.

Mossimo flats. These flats are my go-to shoes to pair with my favorite jeans. They are comfortable from the start and are so easy and inexpensive to replace when I wear them out.

Fairy Tales shampoo & conditioner. Last year we had a bad run-in with lice. We never could figure out where L was getting them from but she got them several times within the span of a few months. After her last case, we found this amazing hair care line and thankfully her hair has been cleaner, smoother and lice-free since!

Do you have any favorite products I should add to our routine? I'd love to hear about them, xo!

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