September 22, 2014


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September is quickly turning cozy (but still warm!) around here. I'm trying to be sure there's at least one clean, pretty to look at area of the house most days while the rest is typically some sort of mess. The crockpot is pulled out at least once a week while candles are burning almost everyday. Our little boy is letting me know he's around with tiny kicks and moves. And our big girl is laying on the sweet lovin' lately.

I'm sick with a horrible, loud cough and headaches are pretty common these days. I'm learning that some days I have to stop and do nothing but put together puzzles with L or read a book. It's a slower season of life, for sure.

And this week our favorite fall shows are back on TV and I'm looking forward to quiet nights on the sofa with my man, a bowl of popcorn and a good show.

How's your September looking?


  1. I love these weekly posts that you do -- the pictures are beautiful! And I'm definitely glad that cooler temps are heading our way in NC, as well. Summer was great ... but bring on the sweater weather!

  2. i love the slower pace of fall. i need to remind myself to embrace it more sometimes too.
    lovely captures of your week.
    hooray for fall shows!


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