July 27, 2014


  photo photo152_zpsb141d390.jpg

I was trying clothes on Lia, in an attempt to declutter and prep her school/Fall wardrobe, and in true L fashion, ballet twirling and prancing were a must do in a new top.

I'm doing this series - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here.

PS. Her hair has not been chopped off!


  1. I was just about to ask if you cut her hair. But it looks super cute short. I need to get my daughters wardrobe prepped for school as well. The count down to the first day has definitely begun. I have a random question. Do you have an instagram?

    1. I haven't cut her hair but this picture makes me think about it ;) I can't believe school (for us) starts this week! Summer flew by :)

      I do have an Instagram. My username is kristyeveryday!


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