July 18, 2014


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The last time I wrote a weekly post was back in April. And to say things have been off-kilter since then is an understatement. Summer hasn't been the amazing few months I imagined it would be. It turns out that having a schedule full of activities (school, ballet, etc.) works better for us than long stretches of empty days. Our town is sweet and simple, but sadly that leaves very little for us to do except find our way into our friend's pool as much as we can.

I'm officially in the second trimester of this pregnancy. I got really sick last week while L was away and it's just starting to clear up now and I can only hope the elusive energy bursts and my appetite make an appearance soon. Otherwise, things are pretty normal here.

And this weekend, we're off for a big hurrah to summer trip. We're taking L to the zoo and staying overnight in a hotel for the pool perks.

Here's to a good weekend!

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