May 14, 2014


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For Mother's Day this year, I didn't really want or need anything. But, if you ask me what would make me happy, this list is pretty simple. Fresh flowers, a nice day out with my loves and this year, a pretzel bun sandwich rounded out the list.

I was pretty bummed to be sick all weekend so we spent most of the day at home putting puzzles together and watching The Tonight Show. We made it to Savannah in the afternoon for a late lunch and a trip to Anthropologie. I grabbed a couple more latte bowls for my growing collection, we had some great sandwiches outside at a local burger place and popped into a few small shops.

I ended the trip a little short but the night ended with a quiet evening on the front porch and the sweetest cupcakes to be had.

It was a good one. I hope yours was too, xo!

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