May 19, 2014


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Another year, another Mayfest. It's strange to know we've been here for three years and when we spend the afternoon at our town's local festival, we bump into friends from around town and soccer coaches and people we know in real life and not just strangers. It's a good sense of feeling like we belong here and also a crazy sense of how have we lived here so long to be this settled?

But we had our usual fun. Hanging out on the dock, grabbing some BBQ, picking up a piece of local artwork. We attempted to get pictures of Lia on this fun hidden-away tree but some very large ant crawled on her arm and there was a bit of a fiasco with it biting her and trying to get it off and calming her down. So we bought her the messiest icy treat we could find and called it an afternoon. Here's to next year...may we not come across a colony of mean ants!

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