May 5, 2014


I'm linking up with Lisa today for a Hello Monday post. It's where she (and so many others!) greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective! We got home from our trip last night and a fresh week is just what we need.

Hello ordinary tasks like cooking dinner and washing piles of laundry.

  photo IMG_3872EDIT_zps00263283.jpg

Hello to a very bright morning after a really good nights sleep.

  photo IMG_3890EDIT_zps18e46c01.jpg

Hello blue skies and palm trees. Home, we missed you.

 photo IMG_3916EDIT_zps0f6d0382.jpg

Hello fresh strawberries. There's a local u-pick farm I can't wait to plan a trip to.

  photo IMG_3926EDIT_zpsb80615af.jpg

Hello beach weather. I think we're going to sneak away for a quiet evening on the beach this week.

  photo IMG_3958EDIT_zps48fced4e.jpg

Hello sweet wedding vows I found tucked away on a small farm from our trip.

  photo IMG_3959EDIT_zps608a18b5.jpg

Hello to a Cinco de Mayo inspired dinner tonight!

  photo IMG_3966EDIT_zpse1c98e02.jpg

Hello to soccer games, ballet practice, and a very busy end of Spring. Vacation always makes my heart grow fonder for this life we've made - I'm so grateful for that!

All photos above are from our trip to North Carolina last week. I chose not to stress about capturing all the moments and just enjoyed them. I only have a handful of photos to document our trip, the memories are etched in our hearts!


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