May 27, 2014


I always thought when life got too busy, that I wouldn't just forget about my blog. But then the past two weeks happened and all of my good intentions to write fell to the side. L finished preschool and Summer is here all while M has started another semester at school and we've been busy tackling a few projects. We've got some other behind-the-scenes things going on and I'm just exhausted. Turns out it's a lot easier to ignore the blog and grab a good book or sneak in a nap.

But here I am, trying to dive back in. I'm sure I have stories to get out that will find their way here eventually. For now, here's what life has looked like...

 photo IMG_3972EDIT_zps6c7dd876.jpg
 photo IMG_3995EDIT_zpsf75c3eb1.jpg
 photo IMG_4007EDIT_zps92180118.jpg
 photo IMG_4047EDIT_zps333e62d4.jpg
 photo IMG_4020EDIT_zpsa01b87cd.jpg
 photo IMG_4048EDIT_zps5ff571b8.jpg
 photo IMG_4406EDIT_zps03a24ca7.jpg  photo IMG_4387EDIT_zps44e45e4a.jpg  photo IMG_4483EDIT_zps5420011c.jpg  photo IMG_4492EDIT_zpsbab92c87.jpg

Just a few scenes from our messy and wild life.

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