May 28, 2014

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 photo photo143_zps972ff589.jpg

My girl was a fun shopping partner over the weekend. We picked her up a couple dresses and she was pretty happy when I shared my non-coffee, non-caffeinated drink with her!

I'm doing this series - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here.
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She loves watching out for planes "scratching the sky".

I'm doing this series - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here.
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May 27, 2014

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I always thought when life got too busy, that I wouldn't just forget about my blog. But then the past two weeks happened and all of my good intentions to write fell to the side. L finished preschool and Summer is here all while M has started another semester at school and we've been busy tackling a few projects. We've got some other behind-the-scenes things going on and I'm just exhausted. Turns out it's a lot easier to ignore the blog and grab a good book or sneak in a nap.

But here I am, trying to dive back in. I'm sure I have stories to get out that will find their way here eventually. For now, here's what life has looked like...

 photo IMG_3972EDIT_zps6c7dd876.jpg
 photo IMG_3995EDIT_zpsf75c3eb1.jpg
 photo IMG_4007EDIT_zps92180118.jpg
 photo IMG_4047EDIT_zps333e62d4.jpg
 photo IMG_4020EDIT_zpsa01b87cd.jpg
 photo IMG_4048EDIT_zps5ff571b8.jpg
 photo IMG_4406EDIT_zps03a24ca7.jpg  photo IMG_4387EDIT_zps44e45e4a.jpg  photo IMG_4483EDIT_zps5420011c.jpg  photo IMG_4492EDIT_zpsbab92c87.jpg

Just a few scenes from our messy and wild life.

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May 19, 2014

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 photo IMG_4242EDIT_zps55ba8673.jpg
 photo IMG_4244EDIT_zpsca7644a7.jpg
 photo IMG_4260EDIT_zps176a32ae.jpg
 photo IMG_4337EDIT_zpsf8880036.jpg
 photo IMG_4251EDIT_zps9e6a4c84.jpg
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 photo IMG_4303EDIT_zpsda9149c8.jpg
 photo IMG_4301EDIT_zpsdd63440e.jpg

Another year, another Mayfest. It's strange to know we've been here for three years and when we spend the afternoon at our town's local festival, we bump into friends from around town and soccer coaches and people we know in real life and not just strangers. It's a good sense of feeling like we belong here and also a crazy sense of how have we lived here so long to be this settled?

But we had our usual fun. Hanging out on the dock, grabbing some BBQ, picking up a piece of local artwork. We attempted to get pictures of Lia on this fun hidden-away tree but some very large ant crawled on her arm and there was a bit of a fiasco with it biting her and trying to get it off and calming her down. So we bought her the messiest icy treat we could find and called it an afternoon. Here's to next year...may we not come across a colony of mean ants!

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May 17, 2014

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 photo 19_zpsb9834832.jpg

Watching her imagination run wild on a warm, Spring evening in the backyard is on the top of my "things that make me happy" list. Her new play set has officially been dubbed her pirate ship where she fights off the mean pirates who take her dog.

I'm doing this series - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here.
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May 15, 2014

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Last May, we spent a ordinary Wednesday evening at the beach. We ate a quick dinner at home, packed a bag and drove towards the ocean. And I realized while I was sitting on a sandy shore watching my girl laugh and play while the waves crashed around us that it felt like we were on vacation. It was a little escape from the everyday that we needed that night. I promised we'd visit the ocean more on normal nights like that one Wednesday night. And then life happened and my promise fell to the wind and we kept moving along like we had been.

Then last week, we decided to spend an unusual Thursday night off at the beach in celebration of the two weeks of summer break M has off from classes. We packed sandwiches and sunscreen and we were on our way. And it was bliss! It reminded me all over again how blessed we are to have somewhere so close to home that we can use as our own personal escape from life. No tourists, no crowds, no rush. 

I remade the promise to spend one night a week at the beach and even though our schedule is just getting crazier, I think we'll keep our promise this time. 

 photo IMG_4142EDIT_zpsda1253df.jpg
 photo IMG_4060EDIT_zps86f6d1c3.jpg
 photo IMG_4132EDIT_zps53636c8f.jpg
 photo IMG_4087EDIT_zpsdefa2789.jpg
 photo IMG_4167EDIT_zps750545cd.jpg
 photo IMG_4173EDIT_zpsc405353a.jpg
 photo IMG_4187EDIT_zpsc32f2759.jpg
 photo IMG_4194EDIT_zpsbfadfc9c.jpg
Here's to warm nights in beautiful places with the people I love the most.

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May 14, 2014

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 photo photo145EDIT_zpsce44664a.jpg
 photo photo146EDIT_zps7feb966d.jpg
 photo photo148EDIT_zpse2a75e4e.jpg
 photo IMG_4368EDIT_zps5b60063f.jpg

For Mother's Day this year, I didn't really want or need anything. But, if you ask me what would make me happy, this list is pretty simple. Fresh flowers, a nice day out with my loves and this year, a pretzel bun sandwich rounded out the list.

I was pretty bummed to be sick all weekend so we spent most of the day at home putting puzzles together and watching The Tonight Show. We made it to Savannah in the afternoon for a late lunch and a trip to Anthropologie. I grabbed a couple more latte bowls for my growing collection, we had some great sandwiches outside at a local burger place and popped into a few small shops.

I ended the trip a little short but the night ended with a quiet evening on the front porch and the sweetest cupcakes to be had.

It was a good one. I hope yours was too, xo!
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May 8, 2014

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 photo IMG_4040EDIT_zps6dc6e932.jpg

Summer is un-officially here and we're planning on kicking off the warm weather at the beach tonight. Salty air, the sounds of waves crashing, eating sandwiches for dinner... things are looking pretty good here!

I'm looking forward to...

M's summer break. Its very short but still sweet!
Our girl finishing up her first year of preschool. How is the first year gone already?
A local Mayfest we hit up every year. Local art work and the best BBQ sandwiches around!
Spending lots of time in our backyard.
The last handful of L's soccer games. She played goalie recently and did so good!
Celebrating Mother's Day and our 7th wedding anniversary.
Becoming an aunt, again! 
And getting lots of use out of our new jogging stroller. 

Happy May, xo!
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May 6, 2014

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  photo IMG_3943EDIT_zps78a89bbc.jpg

These days her mouth is rarely without a cookie mess and running around in a field of strawberries is on top of her fun list.
I'm doing this series - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here.
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May 5, 2014

I'm linking up with Lisa today for a Hello Monday post. It's where she (and so many others!) greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective! We got home from our trip last night and a fresh week is just what we need.

Hello ordinary tasks like cooking dinner and washing piles of laundry.

  photo IMG_3872EDIT_zps00263283.jpg

Hello to a very bright morning after a really good nights sleep.

  photo IMG_3890EDIT_zps18e46c01.jpg

Hello blue skies and palm trees. Home, we missed you.

 photo IMG_3916EDIT_zps0f6d0382.jpg

Hello fresh strawberries. There's a local u-pick farm I can't wait to plan a trip to.

  photo IMG_3926EDIT_zpsb80615af.jpg

Hello beach weather. I think we're going to sneak away for a quiet evening on the beach this week.

  photo IMG_3958EDIT_zps48fced4e.jpg

Hello sweet wedding vows I found tucked away on a small farm from our trip.

  photo IMG_3959EDIT_zps608a18b5.jpg

Hello to a Cinco de Mayo inspired dinner tonight!

  photo IMG_3966EDIT_zpse1c98e02.jpg

Hello to soccer games, ballet practice, and a very busy end of Spring. Vacation always makes my heart grow fonder for this life we've made - I'm so grateful for that!

All photos above are from our trip to North Carolina last week. I chose not to stress about capturing all the moments and just enjoyed them. I only have a handful of photos to document our trip, the memories are etched in our hearts!
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