April 25, 2014


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This week was so full of good.

I went out for a workout almost every day and it feels like a routine now. Going out for a walk or jog feels like it should be a part of my day now. And, we're saying goodbye to our faithful jogging stroller. She treated us good for years but the seat is literally falling off and it's too much of a safety hazard. We researched strollers all week and man, it's a hard choice! We ended up going with this one. It's one that's more expensive than I originally planned for, if I'm being honest, but we're excited to try it out. You have to love Amazon's amazing speedy service (how do they do it?!) so me and the girl will gets lots of use out of it on our trip next week.

About other things, Lia had her first soccer game on Monday night. From now on, I'm the cool soccer mom minus the minivan. But seriously, it was one of the best nights we've had in a long time. It's fun having a kid old enough to do things. And, how about that ridiculously large uniform? We tied the shirt eighties-style and rolled up the shirts as far as they could go. They still fell off during the game but she had other shorts on underneath and she just yanked them back up as she was running!

The rest of the week was for drywall & paint appointments, getting back into the school routine, trying to pack for our trip, a target run with friends and too much Easter candy.

I'm signing off early this week to get everything done and hopefully slow down my brain and enjoy our trip. I'll be back next Monday but as always, you can hang with us on Instagram while we're gone. Enjoy your weekend, xo!

PS. Amazon & Joovy have no idea about this post, I just love them so!

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