April 18, 2014


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It's Friday, friends! Our official Spring Break is almost over and I kind of wish I could have L around a little longer. Getting off schedule hasn't been very fun (why is it that nap routines are so easy to break and so hard to make?!) but having five full days with nowhere in particular to run off to was so nice. It's funny to say but our four year old has a serious schedule going on and I feel we're always running off to a birthday party or a soccer game or ballet practice. Keeping her busy was our plan, but it's the weirdest feeling to be that parent.

The week was good, though! The weather wasn't there for a beach trip like I had hoped for so mostly we stayed home to watch movies and catch up on laundry but we did play with friends, hang out at the park, wandered around the farmers market and spent a rainy day at the library adding to our book stacks and siting in on story time with our favorite librarian.

I dusted off my sneakers Monday night, bought some new leggings and I've been hitting the pavement almost every day this week. I'll post details next week but the husband and I are having a little weight-loss bet and something finally clicked in my head. And really, it's just fun to mess with each other on who logged in more miles that day!

And today, this lovely Friday, is for cleaning and playing with the new toys that hit our doorstep this morning from one of L's favorite aunts. She's discovered Polly Pockets and has been playing all morning long!

We'll be spending our weekend at the soccer fields, attending a birthday party and hopefully fitting in a family run. Here's to a happy one. Enjoy yours, xo!

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