April 1, 2014


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We took Lia to the circus this last weekend. She wasn't a fan of the noise level or the lions, and I can't blame her there because I was pretty sure the lion tamer was going to lose his face that afternoon, but she was a fan of the elephants and cotton candy so I'm calling it a win. She also fell asleep in the end, but whatever.

Sunday was for stocking the fridge and taking L to a birthday party. She's at that age where it seems she's getting party invites every week at school. It's a weird parental feeling to know you're kid is old enough to be running off to birthday parties here and there. We're no longer in our cocoon where we could ignore the world and I could just soak her up. 

And today, this sunny Tuesday, I bought the best pair of overalls for Lia and took her to the park with some school friends. It was pretty amusing, watching all the little girls run around with My Little Ponies and singing songs from Frozen. It pretty much sums up parenthood lately.

PS. I honestly felt a little unequipped for a princess birthday party. We had to make do with too-small sparkly shoes and a run to Target for the crown. The dress was a gift from my mom. I am, however, fully prepared for a dinosaur or train conductor costume.

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