March 11, 2014


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Some friends messaged me Saturday night with a great plan for a girls morning at the beach. I almost backed out. I'm, no doubt, an introvert and sometimes canceling plans sounds far more attractive than going out. Anyone with me there?

I went though. I turned it into a surprise morning for Lia and honestly, it was one of the best mornings we've had. As soon as the sun comes out, the sky turns bright blue and the weather turns just the slightest bit warmer, I remember why I fell in love with our town.

I quickly packed up a bag of snacks and sand toys & other beach essentials and we hit the road to spend our Sunday morning at the beach. It was sunny and great.
PS. Did you know that baby powder is the perfect trick to get sand off little hands and feet? Big hands and feet too. The kids think it's magic. I'm kind of with them there!

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